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Christopher Xavier Boyd

Our mission is to provide scholarships and financial assistance to help empower promising kids achieve a brighter future! We hope to eventually branch out to help with food instability and to help with traumatic loss especially, child loss.

His Story

On a rainy Christmas Eve in 2020, Christopher was on his way to help his very best friend that was having some car trouble when he was involved in a fatal car accident. If you didn’t know Christopher this speaks volumes about his character. He would drop anything to help a friend and was always someone you could count on. At 19 years old he was the epitome of good health, which made the loss even more shocking for everyone who knew him. He was an incredibly responsible college student that was also working 2 jobs to save up for a house where he one day planned to build a life with his longtime girlfriend, Kyleigh.

Christopher grew up in Harford County and was a big part of the Havre de Grace Wrestling community. He competed in multiple competitions regionally and at the state level. He was known for his sportsmanship, team mentality, leadership and incredible work ethic. Even as a young kid Christopher was always the sweetest and his smile could literally light up the room. He was known to all of his friends and family as someone who was very loyal, dependable and hardworking. He was truly one of the best kids anyone could ever ask for. 


From Concept to Reality:

The Evolution of the
Christopher Xavier Boyd Foundation

Following the accident, so many people wanted to help, and we were completely lost. How could we possibly cope with such an incredible loss? It took some time, but with the collaboration of Christopher’s 2nd family — the Conklin’s, Christophers’ Lily Pad Legacy was born!


Christopher was always obsessed with frogs, so it was clear that incorporating frogs was the perfect way to keep his memory alive.The 2 families came up with a concept and proto type for a lily pad that incorporated a QR code. The lily pads are meant to be hidden in plain sight so that folks can find and report the findings via a website that tracks the locations. They wanted to see how far they could get the lily pads to travel.  The hope is that the finder then hides the lily pad again so that the fun can keep on going! At the kitchen table, the Boyd-Conklin fam assembled 100 lily pads. They hid the very first one in New Jersey and then waited. Much to everyone’s surprise, they didn’t have to wait very long because the lily pad was found and reported via the website the very next day! The founder left a very sweet note on the website, and it brought so much joy to our family. 

From there we kept assembling and hoped for the best.  We were completely amazed at the support from the community. So many people, people who didn’t even know him, wanted to help spread his legacy and within just a few short months, lily pads were found in all 50 states and over 40 countries.  We were absolutely blown away at how a little thing created by friends and fam could gain so much positive momentum in such a short time! So many people were traveling with the lily pads and were so thrilled to be able to help. We have now expanded and have 7 pick-up locations where folks who are traveling can pick them up.  


We are so grateful for everyone’s help to continue spreading his legacy and are truly fortunate to have such a supportive community. To us, every time one is placed or found, it’s just like Christopher is taking that journey.  It’s difficult to smile after such a tremendous loss, but it has brought many smiles to our supporters and our family in just seeing the amazing places they travel. Fast forward to the present, we have established the Christopher Xavier Boyd Foundation to continue to celebrate Christopher’s life and continue to spread his kindness in our local community.  

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Want to get involved with the Christopher Xavier Boyd Foundation? Reach out to us and we will get back to you shortly.

PO Box 4
Darlington, MD 21034

410.591.1112 or 410.236.6607

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